Get Over It- Welcome 2015

2014 was funny from start until we met some of the tragic events to name a few Peshawar Attack, Hazara Killings, Police killings, Wagah attack, and what not, depriving us from the little harmony we had only left. We are not in a state of war but we are in the state of war from over a decade but this is not our fate.  No matter things were bad, good or sad, depending on the way you look at things. But let’s not go into the past. What’s done is done. The good news is that making 2015 an improvement on the previous year should not be that big a problem. Let’s see what we are hoping for in 2015.

  1. PhDs who are more deserving than Dr. Rana Sanaullah and Engineer Rehman Malik.
  2. Nation with a courage like Aitzaz Hassan
  3. Pakistan without Talibans
  4. An Army with a self respect
  5. An airline where flights are delayed by less than 12 hours.
  6. A railway service in which passengers reaches their destinations before getting too old.
  7. A hockey team with a huge level of patience
  8. An actress with better sense than Veena Malik and better linguistic skills than Meera.
  9. A TV reality show better than the Waqar Zaka show.
  10. A scholar with more character than Dr. Amir Liaqat Hussain.
  11. A government that does at least one thing without commission or bribes.
  12. Load-shedding of less than 12 hours throughout the country.
  13. A revolutionary who promises something less disastrous than a Tsunami and a Change.
  14. Cricketers who do not bowl no-balls on purpose.
  15. Ambassadors and a President who do not ask foreign governments for help against their own army.
  16. Movies that make some sense.
  17. Political talk shows where fights and abuse takes up less than half the time.
  18. Get the point? Now, how hard could this be? So, we are surely on our way up, since there might not be any space left below us.

New User

Signing up for a new account on any social media or Email service makes every one a bit confused, about the best usage of the signed service.

Very First time on Word Press has made me feel like, “I will be the best blogger” with all that high motives, Farrukh is bit confused about how to use all the available features in Word Press and make most out of it. With all that chunks going on in my head, the big question is about the material required for the best and informative blog. This is going to be the first blog in my life with nothing worth reading but the true situation with totally blank mind I’m going through…

The best quote which makes me motivated every time is, “Tough time never ends, but tough people do”. I would like to make a pause here for my next blog, which will definitely have great substance for the readers.

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